Zoia Ravna. Youth of the YaNAO possess all the components of T/IK

Youth of the YaNAO possess all the components of T/IK, including such complex components as, for example, the tanning of hides, knowledge of sacred places. 81.3 % confirmed that they are fluent in their native (the Nenets) language. However, in NAO in 2017, not even one native speaker was registered at the largest boarding school (renamed in 2012 to “Neneckaâ srednââ škola imeni A.P. Pyrerki” [State Educational Institution “Nenets Secondary boarding school named after A.P. Pyrerka”]). 

Such data were revealed and published in PhD. dissertation by Zoia Vylka-Ravna, a PhD. Candidate.May 14, 2020, at 1000 GMT, she will defend a doctoral dissertation on the transfer of traditional knowledge. The accumulated material of field research, including about 15 thousand photographs and video materials, as well as video interviews, was used to write and illustrate scientific articles published in authoritative scientific journals, including such as Arctic Anthropology, AlterNative: International Journal of Indigenous Peoples, International Journal of circumpolar health, etc. Several documentaries have also been edited for screening at film festivals, scientific seminars and conferences in the United States, Canada, Finland, Norway and Russia.

The work was carried out on the basis of the Norwegian Institute of Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU), and the defense itself will take place at the Arctic University of Norway, which is the northernmost university in the world.

“Girls during the nomad.” Photo by Zoe Vylka-Ravna, Yamal Peninsula, 2015.

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