RAIPON: There are no injured people or direct damage to reindeer husbandry in Taimyr

RAIPON: it is necessary to conduct an Ethnological expertise of the diesel fuel spill in the Krasnoyarsk Region.

According to data available in early June 2020, there are no injured people or direct damage to reindeer husbandry in Taimyr.

Taimyr is the centre of indigenous reindeer herding in the Krasnoyarsk region. The official data state that the number of domestic reindeer exceeds 130 thousand heads. Their main pastures are located farther than a hundred kilometres west of Norilsk in the Tukhardy tundra. Moreover, Indigenous Peoples are engaged in fishing and hunting.

However, considering the expected negative impact on the environment, namely on reindeer herding conditions for local communities, as well as on rivers and other water bodies used for traditional economic activities, the President of RAIPON Grigory Ledkov addressed regional authorities with a proposal to conduct an Ethnological expertise. This is a scientific impact assessment that comprehensively examines impacts in places of traditional residences of Indigenous Peoples. It is important to define compensation measures that will reduce the negative impact of the diesel fuel spill on the traditional lifestyle and traditional economic activities of Indigenous Peoples in Taimyr.

Grigory Ledkov emphasized: “It’s necessary to conduct the Ethnological expertise. It is the only way we can reliably measure the damage. Since we do not possess thorough information about the emergency impact on the ecosystem so far, we have to approach the assessment process with responsibility”.

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