Sámi Sobbar on the Russian side – the women lead there too

SNF wishes Valentina Sovkina (the picture) good luck, after an important congress held by the Sami sisters and brothers on the Russian side on December 12! SNF board member Valentina Sovkina was elected first leader by Kola Sámi Sobbar, a provisional body with nine representatives to prepare the establishment of a Sami elected body on the Russian side. Read here: http://nrk.no/kanal/nrk_sami_radio/1.7423430

It is worth noting, and it is also gratifying, that 100 years after the first Sami women’s association was established on the Norwegian side, south in Sápmi, women are once again leading the way in building a democracy and ethnic rights for the Sami, this walking in eastern Sameland; in Russia. SNF wishes good luck in this important work! states SNF-Sami Kvinneforum’s board.

SNF also refers to our Annual Meeting Statement adopted at SNF’s 13th Annual Meeting on October 15-17, 2010 Stockholm:


In connection with the 1st Sami Congress in the Murmansk region, in Olenegorsk in December 2008, the Sami Council for the Murmansk Region (SUPS) was established. SUPS is working to establish a Sami parliament on the Russian side. These are important steps in strengthening the Sami community and democracy. The 2nd Congress is scheduled to be held on 11-12. December 2010 in Murmansk.

SNF’s 13th annual meeting in Stockholm 15-17. October 2010, strongly recommends to Sami organizations and institutions to show solidarity and support to the Sami people in Russia, in their efforts to strengthen democracy and the rights of the Sami as an indigenous people. The SNF urges that it be organized so that as many people as possible can attend the congress.

-It is important that you Sami sisters and brothers are physically present, and we can thus show that we are a united people, says SNF board member Valentina Sovkina, who is also a leader in SUPS.

In particular, the Gáldu – Competence Center for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Kautokeino is requested to initiate cooperation to achieve the greatest possible participation of Sami from Norway, Sweden and Finland, at the 2nd Sami Congress in the Murmansk region in December 2010.

Photo on the left shows Valentina Sovkina (in self-designed costume!) At the Sami Equality Conference in Oslo in 2007.

Photo below: Sami President Egil Olli, Norway, meeting SUPS leader Valentina Sovkina, as well as Nina Afanasjeva (far left in the photo) and Elena Jakovleva (far right) at the Sami Parliament in November 2009. The women presented SUPS (Sami council for Murmansk region) its work on the development of democracy on the Russian side. Egil Olli attended the congress in Murmansk on Sunday. Photos: SNF / Gába

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