Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat. New Law on Entrepreneurship in the Russian Arctic Supports Indigenous Communities

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Sustainable economic development is an integral part of the sustainable development agenda of the Arctic Council, aimed at enhancing long-term development in the Arctic region, applicable and valuable for Arctic communities.

In June 2020, Russia adopted a new Law on State Support of Entrepreneurship in the Arctic. The new Law creates economic grounds for social development and improving quality of life in the Arctic. #RAIPON, one of the Arctic Council Permanent Participants, contributed to drafting the law. Grigory Ledkov, RAIPON President, submitted 13 amendments to the text of the bill.

Thanks to these amendments, the law establishes the following provisions:

✓ Creation of a State Support Program for traditional economic activities of the Indigenous Peoples in the Russian Arctic zone. RAIPON has already established a working group to elaborate the Program.
✓ Approval of social and economic responsibility standards for residents in the Russian Arctic. The responsibility standard is a list of principles recommended for the residents of the Russian Arctic zone when interacting with the Indigenous Peoples in places of their traditional residence and traditional economic activities.
✓ Establishment of the Public Council of the Arctic Zone, which will also include the representatives of the Indigenous Peoples. The Public Council will monitor the processes of interaction between the residents and Indigenous small-numbered Peoples living in the Arctic zone, as well as take part in the development of measures for environmental protection in the Russian Arctic.

The IPS is grateful to ‘Kochevnik’ (Nomad) Tribal Community for the photos and video provided. ‘Kochevnik’ (Nomad) Tribal Community from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is an example of Indigenous entrepreneurship based on traditional livelihoods, which involve hunting, reindeer husbandry, fishing, traditional food production and manufacturing of sledges.

To learn more about ‘Kochevnik’ (Nomad) Tribal Community entrepreneurship, contact

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