First Letter to BASF on Nornickel

November 10, 2020

Dr. Stefanie Wettberg
Senior Vice President
Investor Relations

Dr. Michael Baier
Senior Vice President
Global Battery Materials
Catalysts Division

Via E-mail:

Dr. Wettberg and Dr. Baier:

We understand that BASF SE has long-standing business relationships with Nornickel. We
also understand that BASF has publicly stated its strong commitment to fostering a responsible and sustainable battery materials supply chain. In this regard, we, the undersigned representatives of Indigenous Peoples, environmental and human rights organizations ask BASF SE not to associate in any way with nickel producer Nornickel, a company with an extensive and ongoing record of human rights violations and environmental devastation. Given BASF SE’s stated commitment to sustainable energy production, sound environmental practices, and respect for human rights, Nornickel should not be considered a viable partner.