Society for Threatened Peoples Voices

The “Society for Threatened Peoples” (GfbV) is an international human rights organization with consultative status at the United Nations (ECOSOC). It was founded in 1968 as a protest against the genocide in Biafra. The GfbV combines full-time human rights work with the voluntary engagement of active members and supporters, who are involved in various ways all over the world.

The GfbV stands up for the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic autochthonous minorities and nationalities as well as for their minorities and nationalities as well as for the individual and collective rights of indigenous peoples. It is committed to the protection of civilian populations from the most serious human rights violations and to prevent crimes against humanity and genocide.

VOICES is an online platform of the GfbV

Editorial Team:
– Claus Biegert, journalist, GfbV advisory board member
– Tjan Zaotschnaja, journalist, regional group Munich
– Wolfgang Mayr, Journalist, President of the GfbV-International
– Jan Diedrichsen, Journalist, Federal Chairman of the GfbV

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